Parents Email and Telephone Submission Form

    The School would like to be communicating with you our Parents efficiently using the Email and Telephone texting service.

    To this effect we are requesting you to fill in the details below in the Email and Telephone Form.


    (1) Type your First name in the Box labeled "First name"

    (2) Type your Last name in the Box labeled "Last name"

    (3) Type your Email address(es) in the Box labeled "Email 1 & Email 2". An Email MUST be valid & correctly typed.

    (4) Type your Mobile number(s)in the Box labeled "Mobile No., Mobile No. 2 & Mobile No. 3".

    (5) Type your Child(ren) Name(s), Gender and Grade in the Box labeled "Comments".(E.g I am a Father or Mother for Tamala Banda, a Girl in Grade 7 Blue)

    (6) For all the Fields with an asterick (*), it's MANDATORY they MUST be filled-in.

    (7) Send by clicking on the Submit button.