Special Education Needs (SEN)

  • Ms. Kapumpe Chilufya.
    The SEN Teacher.
    (Bachelor's Degree in Special Education)

  • What is SEN?

    SEN stands for Special Education Needs. It is a critical strategic repositioning Department in the School that deals with Pupils with learning difficulties in the areas of wrtting and Mathematics.

    This Department in the School is managed by our qualified and skilled SEN Teacher.

    SEN's Objectives

    The SEN Teacher gives the Pupils remedial lessons as well as other specialized learning aimed at improving their specific area of need.

    SEN involves fine motor muscle training to improve Pupils' handwiritting and extensive reading program. The SEN Teacher is equal to this task which she demonstrates and performs effectively.

    Alot of Pupils who join the School with a number of different difficulties are helped. These Pupils are later integrated back to their Classrooms and they do better.