Submit Deposit Slip(s)

    When you have deposited the money for the Tuition Fee(s) into the School account, take a photo of it with your mobile phone and send the image of your Deposit Slip by UPLOADING it so that Accounts Department update your details of your payment.

    This will save you the time of physically coming to the school and present your deposit slip

    You may upload and send the deposit slip at your convinience on your Mobile Phone, Table or Computer.

    UPLOAD Deposit Slip


    (1) Type your full names in the Box labeled "Your name"

    (2) Type your email address in the Box labeled "Your email"

    (3) Type your message in the Box labeled "Message". The Message should include, the Child(ren) Name(s), the Grade(s), and the Term for which the Tuitions fees are applicable (e.g Term 3 2017)

    (4) Attach the images of your deposit slip(s) by browsing to where you stored them

    (5) Send by clicking on the send button.