General Certificate of Education (GCE) Fees

A. ECZ Charges

Descritpion Amount Payable
Entry Fee K75.00
Subject Fee K120.00

B. Charges from School

Description Amount Payable
Centre Fee K400.00
Fee/Practical (Science, Biology, Chemistry or Physics) K200.00

  • You may also check the Examinations Scale of GCE Fees in PDF .Click here & check it

  • C. GCE - Fee Narration

  • A candidate, for instance, intending to sit for Four (4) Subjects, Mathematics (4024), Biology (5090), Science (Physics & Chemistry) and English Language (1121), will have to pay the following in ZMW:

  • # Item Description Entry Fee Centre Fee Subject Fee Practical Totals
    1 Compulsory Payments K75.00 K400.00 -- -- K475.00
    2 Mathematics -- -- K120.00 -- K120.00
    3 Biology -- -- K120.00 K200.00 K320.00
    4 Science -- -- K120.00 K200.00 K320.00
    5 English Language -- -- K120.00 -- K120.00
    Total Payable Amount K1,355.00

  • You may check the GCE Fees Narration in PDF. .Click here & check it