Counselling & Guidance

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  • At Lake Road PTA School we offer Counselling and Guidance to our Learners

    Counselling involves the School Counsellor helping the Pupils to find solutions to their problems they encounter in their School and personal life, whereas Guidance the School Counsellor gives information to the Pupils and advise they need to make choices.

    There are three aspects to Counselling and Guidance in the School. These are:

    Individual / Group Counselling

    In this aspect of Counselling, the School Counsellor meet pupils as individuals or as a group if the Learners have the same challenges or problems.

    In Individual / Group Counselling the Topics that the School Counsellor will help the pupils may include from bad behaviour to poor performance in the Class

    Class Counselling

    The School Counsellor has been assigned one period per week on the School Timetable with each Class.

    During this this period the School Counsellor has a Topic which is tackled with the Class. Topics range from Hygiene, Self-Confidence, Relationships, Drugs Abuse, Peer Pressure etc.

    Career Guidance

    For Career Guidance, the School Counsellor invites organisations or institutions to talk to grade 11 and 12 about Career choices.

    The School Counsellor also has the responsibility of processing requests from individuals or institutions that want to showcase their services to pupils.

    Under Career Guidance, Pupils also attend Career Fairs organised by other Schools and those that the School organises internally where different institutions are invited to showcase to our pupils and other pupils from other Schools.