Secondary School Curriculum

Junior Curriculum

At Junior Secondary, Lake Road PTA School offers the Grade 8 and 9 the following nine subjects in which they are prepared for the Junior Secondary School Leaving Examinations and TEVETA Level 3 Trade Certificate.

No. Subjects
1. English
2. Mathematics
3. Integrated Science
4. Social Studies
5. Computers Studies
6. Religious Education
7. Zambian Language
8. Business Studies
9. Frenchs

A) Under the Vocational Career Pathway pupils will have an option of the following three choices:

No. An Option of choice
1. Technology
2. Performing and Creative Arts
2. Physical Education and Sports

Subjects in each of the three Career Pathway choices:

1. Technology 2. Performing & Creative Arts 3. Physical Education & Sports
1.(a) Design & Technology 2.(a) Art & Design / Music Education 3.(a) Physical Education
1.(b) Computer Studies 2.(b) Computer Studies 3.(b) Computer Studies
1.(c) English Language 2.(c) English Language 3.(c) English Language
1.(d) Mathematics 2.(d) Mathematics 3.(d) Mathematics
1.(e) Intergrated Science 2.(e) Intergrated Science 3.(e) Intergrated Science
1.(f) Social Studies 2.(f) Social Studies 3.(f) Social Studies
1.(g) Business Studies 2.(g) Zambian Language 3.(g) Business Studies

Senior Curriculum

At Senior Secondary Grade 10, 11, & 12, Lake Road PTA School prepares pupils for Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) local examinations and TEVETA Level 2 and Level 1 Trade Certificate.

B) The Academic Career Pathway will have three options:

No. An Option of choice
1. Social Sciences
2. Business Studies
2. Natural Sciences

The Subjects and options in each of the three Academic Career Pathway choices:

I. Social Sciences

Compulsory Subjects Optional Subject
1. Mathematics 1. Zambian Language
2. English Language 2. Religious Education
3. Biology 3. Foreign Language
4. Science
5. Geography/History
6. Civic Education
7. Literature

II. Business Studies

Compulsory Subjects Optional Subject
1. Mathematics 1. Religious Education
2. English Language 2. Geography / History
3. Biology 3. Zambian Language
4. Civic Education 4. Literature in English
5. Principles of Accounts 5. Foreign Language
6. Commerce
7. Science

III. Natural Sciences

Compulsory Subjects Optional Subject
1. Mathematics 1. Geography / History
2. English Language 2. Zambian Language
3. Chemistry 3. Religious Education
4. Physics
5. Biology
6. Additional Mathematics
7. Civic Education