Tuition Fees Policies

1. Lake Road PTA School has a payment policy of NO CASH for School fees.

2. All School fees MUST be paid into the following School Bank Accounts:

A/C Name : Lake Road PTA School

A/C No. : 050110004514016

Bank : Investrust Bank

Bank ID : 170005


Branch : Arcades

3. Three deposit slips MUST be completed and clearly indicated the Name(s) of the child(ren) & their grade(s) or class(es)

4. School fees paid before the School opens in FULL FOR RETURNING PUPILS will be discounted by 5%.

5. The discounted 5% incentive for paying School fees early FOR RETURNING PUPILS is NOT applicable to the OUSTANDING School Fees accumulated from previous Term(s).

6. A reminder shall be sent to parents for pupils owing any balance of fees for the term at the end of the Second week after School opens.

7. School fees paid Two weeks after the School opens FOR RETURNING PUPILS will attract a penalty of 5% on the full fees due.

8. Pupils whose fees are not settled in full by the end of the Fourth week when School opens shall be asked to stay away from class until payment is made.

9. Every new entrant pupil in the School will be required to pay in addition to the Tuition fee the one-off other School fees that include an individual Assessment fee, an individual Enrolment fee, and the Project fee per family before admission.

10. New pupils shall ONLY be admitted in School upon payment of 100% of the school fees for the term.

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